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The Enduring Prada Nylon Handbag

If you are a follower of our site, you probably already know that we have an affinity for the nylon Prada bag in its many forms.  I thought that I would explain why and give some insight into why I think these great nylon totes have been so popular and why they continue to be. I read fashion posts all the time, and I came across this great write-up on the Purseblog about Prada that really spoke to me.  I thought I would chime in and say what I think. One thing that they mention is that the leather bag...

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The Sale Season in Paris

A few thoughts and tips from my experiences with the sales in Paris.  How to get deals, what to expect and how to take advantage at the right time!

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Our Mobile App Store

  We have successfully redesigned our mobile app to be a simpler and more functional platform by combining all of our social media presence into one handy little tool. With the new look plus the shopping cart feature added, we are certain this will change your journey through the app, making everything easier and a lot more fun.This way, you have more time to do other things you like, like sipping a good coffee and browsing the net while your gorgeous item is on the way to be delivered to your door. Time is gold and having a lot of...

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