The Dream Lips Collection

The Dream Lips Liquid Lipstick is our first release and it is available in ten gorgeous shades. Each shade is named after life's unforgettable moments to which every one of us can relate.  That's because in each of these moments, our lippie was there with us. 
The Dream Lips Shades
Alter Ego- When you feel like that naughty and adventurous side of you is ready to come out.
Date Night – When you want that special someone to be consumed with your luscious lips.
Euphoria - That blissfully happy feeling you get when you know your lipstick is perfect for dancing the night away.
First Kiss - That feeling of unbridled excitement.  That thrill that leaves butterflies in your stomach.
Nailed it – Professional, classic and confident. 
Playtime - When you are feeling flirtatious without inhibitions.
Rendezvous - A secret meeting just for two.
Road Trip – Like the exhilaration of feeling the wind in your hair as you head into the unknown.
So me – That go-to color that just feels right when nothing else does.
Stiletto – When you feel like nothing can stand in your way.

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I'm Just Going to Blog My Way Through This Covid Thing

I'm Just Going to Blog My Way Through This Covid Thing


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