Sculpting & Contouring

The possibilities are endless when you’ve got the right products.

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The Bronze Bar Eyeshadow Palette

A 14 color eyeshadow palette, created to give your daily earth-tone eyeshadow makeup style a level-up.

Madame Velvet Cream Lipstick

Luxurious feel to every glide with our creamiest formula ever!

Luxury Lashes

3D Luxury False Lashes, handcrafted just for you. From the finest Siberian mink hair known for being the most exquisite and luxurious type of all false eyelashes.

Pro-Finish Pressed Powder

This silky smooth powder provides skin tone correction with a defined finish.

The Cream Contour Palette

Contour, concealer & highlighter cream palette that lets you sculpt the angles of your face.


Delivers the perfect finish. Lightweight feel from medium to full coverage.