How to Apply Eyebrow Gel

How to Apply Eyebrow Gel

You might know how to use brow gel already.  Maybe you haven't tried it and you're just not sure how to get started.  I have met people who are at all different levels of expertise when it comes to this.  I do know that I am always learning and that will always be the case.  I also have a passion for showing people how to use these products.  I hope that you find something here that you can use. 

The Basics of How to Apply Eyebrow Gel

Start your artwork with the perfect canvas so first go through your regimen of cleaning, toner and moisturizer if you use these.  The first step should begin with applying your foundation.  Then it’s on to creating those killer eyebrows.  Just about everyone has done this before, but also just about everyone can up their game with a few tips.

You’ll want to begin your new art project with a clean canvas.  Assuming that you’ve done any tweezing or threading required you can begin to prep your eyebrows either using a brush or even a clean spoolie.  Whatever works for you.  If you’ll notice in magazines, the effective look is to push your eyebrows slightly upwards and outwards.

Then you can begin to apply the eyebrow gel.  Some people choose to use a small, stiff brush to get started.  Begin at the bottom of your eyebrows and work your way upwards.  You don’t want to try to do this too quickly.  Short strokes are better and it’s much easier to apply more than it is to apply less.  Start small and then work your way up. 

Upwards and Outwards!

One thing that you really don’t want to do is have the gel go beyond the outline of your eyebrows.  Save the shaping of the eyebrows for the tweezing and threading mentioned before.  Just like you shouldn’t go beyond the outline of your eyebrows, you’re going to achieve the best look if you apply the brow gel evenly throughout the entire eyebrow at this point.

The application isn’t uniform throughout the entire brow.  It makes more sense to apply a little less in the center and a little more right where your eyebrow arches and at the ends of your eyebrows.  Be extra careful with the part of your eyebrow that is closest to your nose.  You definitely don’t want to start too abruptly here with a lot of gel.  Your eyebrows will maintain a more natural look if you go very lightly over the first few hairs in that area.

Conversely, there is a trend lately called ombré which refers to a gentle shading at the inside edge of the eyebrow.  It started as an eyebrow tattoo technique but has become quite popular for regular gel application.  Our beauty experts are split down the middle on whether they like this better or the more classic technique.  This ombré shading look can be achieved using the back end of the brow brush by slowly working a small amount of the gel back towards the inside of the face. 

 The Ombré Shaded Look

To finish off, it is best to use a good liquid concealer.  If you are able to match your skin tone you can work towards a natural style with good contrast to clean up the edge of the brow.  It's also common to use a slightly lighter shade to increase the contrast, to achieve a more pronounced and dramatic look.

Creating Contrast with Liquid Concealer

You can play around with it to find out what works best for you.  One thing I would especially recommend is having good products in general but particularly the brow brushes.  Good ones will make the job so much easier!

Products that will help you become a kilay specialist:

The Brow Technique Eyebrow Gel (3 shades)

24H Flawless Liquid Concealer (5 shades)

Macynn Brow Brush and Brow Bone Brush

A big thank you to Vira, who is one of our beauty experts here at Macynn Cosmetics.  The photos are actually screen grabs from a video she prepared for our social media.  It inspired me to create this quick how-to guide.  If there are others that you would like to see, I would love to hear your requests!



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