The Enduring Prada Nylon Handbag

If you are a follower of our site, you probably already know that we have an affinity for the nylon Prada bag in its many forms.  I thought that I would explain why and give some insight into why I think these great nylon totes have been so popular and why they continue to be.

I read fashion posts all the time, and I came across this great write-up on the Purseblog about Prada that really spoke to me.  I thought I would chime in and say what I think.

One thing that they mention is that the leather bag has been a mainstay of the industry.  That is certainly true, and believe me there are many reasons why I love a good leather bag.  Partly, it is because the feel is like nothing else.  There's also something to be said about the durability of a leather bag.  If you take good care of one, it should last for a long time.

On the other hand, leather bags can sometimes come with drawbacks as well.  Have you ever owned a bag that was simply too heavy to carry?  I remember a while back, I picked up a Mulberry Alexa.  I was very excited about this bag and as you probably know, I'm a little choosy when it comes to handbags.

There were actually two problems that I had with this bag.  First, the strap was a little bit too long for me.  I'm not as statuesque as your average runway model and while this wasn't a big deal, it was a little uncomfortable to reach into the bag.  The other issue was the weight.  You would certainly notice the heft of the bag when you first put it on but it was really after a day of shopping that I would start to be bothered by it.  I would simply get tired.  It was a shame, because I really loved the look of the bag but I ended up selling it as pre-loved.

So back to our nylon bags.  I think there was good reason for the Longchamp craze that went on for a few years.  I still do love those Longchamp bags as well as many people do, particularly the weekender style ones.  I'll go on in a little bit more detail about those in another blog.

The truth is that the Prada bags give you the wonderful lightweight feeling without sacrificing the look.  Sometimes, I believe the brands won't pay as much attention to the crafting of a nylon tote.  It's really an underrated thing.  Prada has long paid attention to the styling of these bags.  They use exquisite leather trim and this is often done in saffiano leather.  The metal hardware of these is also always well done.  I believe that this is what really sets them apart from other nylon bags.

I really couldn't write a blog about Prada bags without mentioning the lining.  It's one of the things that I love the most about this brand and it bears mentioning.  I have my hands on handbags all of the time.  Of course, it is rare that anyone sees the inside of the bag but still the Prada logo lining is something that will enhance your own perceived value of the item.  It's luxurious and the detailed design I find is one of the best in terms of avoiding markings or damage.

There are a few different kinds, and the model numbers change a little over time.  The right choice has a lot to do with how and where you will use it.  I often like an open tote when I'm out shopping and doing errands in a relatively safe place like a mall.  When you are reaching into your bag often, you don't want to have to mess around with the zipper a whole bunch.

If I think I'll be going to an outdoor event or bazaar or if I am likely to set my bag down anywhere (although this is pretty rare!) then I would prefer something with a zipper.  The zippered Prada bags also come with a small flap that goes over the zipper for a little extra peace of mind.

It would also make sense to mention the cost.  Lucky you, if you don't have to worry at all about how much a bag is going to set you back, but the vast majority of us still do.  If you compare something comparable in leather from a similar brand, it is going to be a lot more expensive.  It's not that the synthetic material is any less durable, but it is simply less expensive to manufacture.

If it's also a consideration for you, there is the ethical question that might make you turn towards a bag made of synthetic materials.  I know I have some friends that really do try and limit the amount of items they own that are manufactured out of natural materials.  There are some cases where certain styles and shoes or maybe belts where it would be quite hard to avoid natural leather.  Instead, for something attractive and easy, a sharp looking nylon Prada bag will more than suffice.

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