Entrupy Luxury Bag Authentication

Entrupy Luxury Bag Authentication

Not sure about the authenticity of a bag you have purchased?

Looking to sell your designer bags but worried about them being original?

We have the answer. It’s Entrupy.

You might have been directed here by a link on one of our social media sites.  Yes, we have a huge promotion going on right now.  We want to introduce this amazing capability to all of you.  That's why, for a limited time, we are offering authentications at P1k.

P1k for peace of mind.

We have an exciting new development that allows you to know with certainty that you are carrying a genuine bag. We now have Entrupy technology here with us and we can provide you with certification of the authenticity of your items!

The technology utilizes microscopic material analysis, hardware identification, date codes and other key identifiers to provide accurate results.
99.1% accurate results!

You may wish to sell your pre-loved bags (we can help you with that, by the way!). Allowing us to do an Entrupy authentication on your item will make it easier to sell and increase its market value!

Purchased a luxury bag from an online seller and you have doubts about its authenticity? The peace of mind to know that you have a genuine item is well worth the cost of having an Entrupy authentication done through us. Know for sure that you got what you paid for!

Entrupy authentication solutions are powered by a combination of AI machine learning and computer vision. Broad and microscopic images are taken and authentication is enabled by a proprietary database of over 15 million images of both authentic and counterfeit products collected from all over the world. Entrupy authentication boasts an incredible 99.1% accuracy rate. So good that it is guaranteed!

You can email us at customercare@macynn.com,
sms/whatsapp/viber to 0916-292-4680 or 0917-475-9729,

send us a direct message through our IG:
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Or send a message through our Facebook Page here:

This is an example of a Certificate of Authenticity for one of our on-hand bags.  It's the same one you seen in the photo above.  It's legit... guaranteed!

The following brands are included in the list that can be verified by Entrupy Authentication:

Chanel, Goyard, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chloe, Coach, Dior, Fendi, YSL, Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Burberry and Celine. Hermès items can also be done at a premium.

Some of you who have been following me for a long time may remember that I used to do authentications. While I enjoyed the work, of course there was the odd time that an item was clearly not original. First, it wasn’t fun to go back to the owner and tell them that they did not purchase what they thought they did. Much, much worse, the reactions from online sellers that sold the fake items were often nasty. No more worrying about that now!  

With Entrupy, we get the luxury of a vast library of knowledge combined with the power of an enormous stockpile of data backed by expert 3rd party authenticators.

Clear, accurate authentications.  Done quickly.

The Real Macynn (@therealmacynn) • Instagram photos and videos

And our Facebook Page here:



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