Hi, If you are reading this it is likely that you are one of the invitees for our consignment program.  Welcome!


I am getting questions about how the consignment plan works and I thought that it would probably be best to put together a quick explanation.  For the items themselves, I gather them here with me so that we can do an ocular on them for descriptions and take some photos. People often ask for pics from different angles like corners, interior etc so it's important to have them on hand. Also, that way we can include them in live sales, which is where we've had the best results. We do a 20% commission on the sale of consignment items. I can help you with the pricing if you like.


I definitely want you to get a fair price for your items.  It can be done in different ways, but you remain in control.  You can send them to us with the pricing already done.  You'll probably know about how much you paid for each item and the condition.  There will also be a component of 'how dear is this item to me?’  I know that is important to me.


Some people leave it to me to suggest prices for the items.  We can also do it that way if you prefer.  It is not as common, it also depends on how many items there are.  Of course, I can give you input on the market value on any or all of them if you like. 


If you don’t move that many of your items, you won’t be any further behind.  We will include them in live shows and post them on different platforms, as well as offering them to selected people we think might be interested.  If they don’t sell, you always have the option to lower the price but that will be entirely up to you.  You can take them back at any time.


You may know me from my online presence or our personal dealings, and if you do you’ll know that I will do my very best to get your items out there to people who would be interested.  There’s no teeth to my plan, no clawbacks, payments or obligations when you entrust your items to me.  My clients are the single most important aspect of what I do.  I’ve built up a lot of them, and if you would like me to introduce the rest of them to your pre-loved items, I would be honored.


Thank you,


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