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We have successfully redesigned our mobile app to be a simpler and more functional platform by combining all of our social media presence into one handy little tool. With the new look plus the shopping cart feature added, we are certain this will change your journey through the app, making everything easier and a lot more fun.
This way, you have more time to do other things you like, like sipping a good coffee and browsing the net while your gorgeous item is on the way to be delivered to your door. Time is gold and having a lot of it is pretty cool, not to mention it is the 21st century way to shop!
The app gives you direct access to our shopping website where you can pick any item you like, then add to your cart, check out and pay with your credit card. It can all be done right on your mobile device. That's it!
Since that day we first experienced the joy and convenience of shopping online, we were hooked! We are huge advocates for online shopping and have been actively trading online since 2008. We are now being followed by over 150,000 people online and the number just keeps growing.
Another joy of a virtual store is that we can afford to keep our prices low. We try our absolute best to keep our prices almost on par with the manufacturers' prices in Europe where we 100% source our products. Authenticity is not even a question. We don't promote or carry counterfeit items, it's just not our thing.
As we work and continue to grow, more products will be added and more and more brands will join Macynn.com's umbrella. We will continue to make the Macynn app become better and better. Our work never ends.
We market and trade mostly in the Philippines, thus making our prices in Philippine Peso currency. International buyers can contact us at customercare@macynn.com for assistance.
The new version of our mobile app is now available for download in the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store for free. To download, search "Macynn" in the App Store or Play Store and you're good to go!





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